Resources to Get you Started!

  Whether you are considering homeschooling or are set on it, this is great place to start your research.   We’ve stocked this post FULL of helpful resources, so you know which ones to at least start with.   It always helps to have someone sort out the information for you, right?  The following quality resources will provide you with helpful and accurate information.   Homeschooling 101- The How-To Information! My favorite go to homeschooling resource is the Ohio Homeschooling Parents website.  They also have a Facebook group- that has blown up exponentially since COVID! This is a place to get down to the legal,  “What do I have to do?” stuff.  They have “how-tos”, resources for curriculum choices, groups to join, information on assessments, and sample forms you can use! This is AN OHIO site, though so everything is specific to Ohio.      How Children Learn & Being your Child’s Teacher   Out

Homeschool or Learning On-Line at Home

Navigating your CHOICE in your Child's Education Many families are on edge awaiting what school districts are putting into place for the fall.  There WERE talks of many districts doing a hybrid method (some days in school, some days at home) that would create smaller groups of children in classrooms at the same time and allow for social distancing.   Then, new information came out citing that 3-5 feet is "enough" to social distance.  For some reason this made many districts able to cram all the students back 5 days a week at the same time.  I know in my district this is the plan and all of a sudden I'm asking myself,  WHAT WILL SCHOOL LOOK LIKE IN THE FALL? NOTHING but desks in the classrooms (each desk separated)? Taking out flexible seating, learning centers, teacher's desks to fit all the desks in classrooms? "SPOTS" on the floor and walls dictating where students should sit or stand New policies of how to walk in the halls without touching

How Children Learn

How do children learn? This is a topic of debate among people during casual conversation.  Educators even differ in their beliefs.  To really know how children learn there MUST be some research available, right?  There is, but it is often ignored.  Instead of pointing out the findings in psychology, brain research, motivation, and education, I challenge you to simply stop for a moment and reflect on these questions: How did your child learn to sit up? How did your child learn to cry to get attention or have their needs met? Who taught your child to babble and make sounds? At first, people often answer, "I did!" to these questions.  But... did you?  Would a baby start to babble on its own?  Studies in some of the worst orphanages prove that even babies with little to no human interaction start to make sounds.   Don't babies naturally try to roll over and move around?  Eventually, babies lift up their heads and use neck muscles to look around.  They want t